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Who is Codeble?

We are a group of IT professionals who have more than 15 years of experience in software and IoT projects development. We are involved in the full SDLC of a variety of systems, including IoT projects, digital transformation, social application, Ecommerce solutions, ERP integration and much more.

We provide professional services, ensure code quality and maintain flexibility in adapting to change. We allow scope changes when your business needs change, which leads to cost-saving, faster delivery time and higher customer satisfaction.

What makes Codeble Enterprise Software Development different?

No one can predict the market and business is always changing. Evolution might have taken place during the development cycle. You will need an agile approach to adapt to changes.

With years of experience working with enterprises, we understand your ultimate goal and break down the process into story cards. Each story card acts as a small milestone of the project. This ensures our work aligns with your expectations. If needed, the story card can be added or revised in response to business changes.

You can also leverage the power of mobile or web apps to bring new value to your business. Working with Codeble, you will get cutting-edge technologies which meet your needs.

What makes Codeble's systems so highly rated by customers?

One is that we really put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and think from their perspective. We also take strong ownership of our products and develop them as if they were our own, which ensures that we maintain a high level of quality. With these attitudes, our systems evolve together with our customers' businesses, so they stay useful and relevant.

Why does Codeble's system have a high level of completion?

Codeble's system has a separated frontend, backend, and admin panel which allows for independent development while still ensuring high levels of correlation and interdependence.

Our developers are masters in modern web technologies, which means that we are able to select the best tools for the system and apply them effectively, resulting in a well-designed and high-performing product.

How can Codeble assist you in applying for the "Technology Voucher Programme"?

Codeble has developed many Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) projects and has accumulated numerous successful cases.

In terms of technical support, we will understand and analyze your business and adopt the latest technological solutions to improve your business processes, productivity, and competitiveness.

Regarding application administrative support, we will assist you in writing business plans, reports, and provide advance during the document preparation process.

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eCommerce Solution

Platform for both B2B and B2C business model

Social Network Service

Increase customer engagement & loyalty and bring in new opportunities


Opportunity and project tracking to increase transparency within the organization


Transform monolithic system into microservices to improve performance, scalability and sustainability


Streamline business flow with automation to increase the scalability of business

Production Tracking

Mobile apps to track production status throughout the assembly line

Data Mining

Web scraping and data analysis for business decision

Data Warehouse

Data warehouse for data analysis, report generation, and with AI to enhance business decision making

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